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The most common reasons why companies decide to outsource include cost reduction and cost savings, the ability to focus its core business, access to more knowledge, talent and experience, and increased profits. Many companies decide to outsource because it cut costs such as labour costs, regulatory costs, and training costs. Companies are able to focus their money and resources more towards improving the core aspects of its business when outsourced. But, what is essential is that companies identify the right outsourcing model and partner with the right outsourcing service provider to achieve their business goals in defined timelines. Providing real cost savings and fast service delivery, Infomonk guarantees quality in everything we do. With our skill set, talent, expertise and ability to handle projects of every scale and dimension, we are sure that you can accomplish your business goals faster, cheaper, and with better results.

Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer customized outsourcing models with the objective of meeting specific requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. We understand that different businesses follow particular business models and thus we provide modified solutions that will work around your needs as well as ensure the successful completion of any project. As per your needs, you can choose any of the following models:

Professional Services or Staff Augmentation � Governance based model:

This model is typically used when certain skills are not available in-house to execute a project. It is also widely used when the client team requires additional head-count to tide over a short period of increased work. Staff Augmentation is one of the outsourcing strategies where the service contributor provides skilled staff (referred as Consultants) to the client and helps the client in achieving business objectives. Staff Augmentation is an efficient way to get highly qualified and specialized personnel at a substantially low cost. It can help you in hiring an individual or team of dedicated human resources. Implementation of this process can enhance the efficiency of your projects. The client manager is fully responsible to manage the Consultants and the Consultants are normally located onshore at the client�s location to enable close interaction with the client�s internal project and user teams. The client will communicate its requirements, parameters and conditions to us and then jointly with the client, we define the project metrics and then develop the "road map" which will result in a successful project. According to the assessed needs, we further tailor the team to achieve the solution required in the most efficient manner possible.

Thus, for a pre-agreed fixed period, you have personnel resources and technical infrastructure at your disposal tailored to your specific parameters, requirements and strategic/business needs.

Infomonk, offers staff augmentation services to clients, enabling them to extend their staff. Our services provide clients with a cost-effective solution to increase and expand their staff and help organizations to accomplish their special or seasonal projects.

Fixed Price based model:

Fixed Price model demands that the scope of work, the milestones and the final deliverables are clearly defined and agreed between Infomonk and the clients. In this model, fixed price quotes are provided to the client for fixed scope of work and fixed deadline. The model is based on our extensive experience and standard work metrics, which ensure on-time, in-budget delivery of any solution required. The fixed price project is very smooth. Client's project requirement is reviewed and scope of work is defined. Client is explained the hazards associated with the project and flat price and deadlines are fixed. A proposal is prepared and if accepted, development work starts. Periodic reviews have to be carried out throughout the course of the project. At the end of the development, client will have a time period to carry out an Acceptance Procedure (AP) to try out and examine the quality of the developed software and other project deliverables. At this point, changes requested to the fixed-price project can be implemented, but in most cases it may result in a revision of the project cost and delivery dates. Billing is typically done in phases. A standard phased approach is as below:

Project or Hybrid model:

This model is well-suited for those companies that do not have well-defined requirements, need research work, or want ongoing software enhancements. Depending on your needs, you can send us tasks daily, weekly or upon completion of the previous tasks. The client and Infomonk agree on an estimation for the specified task, and the Project Manager assigns the task to the developer and assures that it is completed as close to the estimate as possible-without degrading the quality of the final solution. We will ensure that client receives a precise and detailed report on time spent (by task and by the software developer) for its approval-this could be weekly, monthly or by task completion. Our aim will always be to ensure open lines of communication and transparency. This model helps the customer to define, elaborate and change requirements in parallel with the development. Besides, a customer can schedule project activities and tasks depending on current priorities; using this model, extensive specifications of requirements are not required before development work starts and clients are only billed for what is spent.

Infomonk outsourcing service leverages its expert web development and IT capabilities and methodologies to help companies develop challenging products as well as run day-to-day operations. Infomonk's mission is to act as a bridge between your vision and reality. We provide professional resources at a fraction of cost. Technology and process expertise is the foundation of all of our service offerings. We offer the unbeatable combination of high-quality services with the unmistakable bottom-line benefits of cost-effective outsourcing solutions. Infomonk's management team unites its experience in technology and organizational development that is crucial for customers who need help: this way we move their business and ensure that their outsourcing project is planned and managed efficiently.

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Feel free to contact us if you are planning an upcoming technology project or confronting a technology resource challenge. Our outsourcing services are at your disposal.