Engineering UG|PG Projects

Projects are often a focus of discussion at job interviews since projects give future employers a detailed example of your achievement. The final year project is considered to be an important part of the engineering education process and projects sponsored by local industry are very welcome. Projects typically involve the design and development of a software system to meet some practical needs. You can propose your own idea for projects or choose from a list offered by members of our staff. All projects consist of four elements: research and background study, planning and design, realisation and implementation, and evaluation. At the end, you'll develop a variety of important skills in addition to technical skills: planning, surveying literature, finding information, time management, presentation, evaluation skills, etc.

We have a wide range of projects available covering different topics in computer science. To mention a few, artificial intelligence related including game strategies, genetic programming, neural networks; hardware related including applications on mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA); algorithmic design including pattern matching, compression, various graph algorithms visualisation, scheduling.

We also offer Work Based Learning Projects for which you will carry out your project with a company, ranging from large multi-national companies to specialist software development companies, banking companies, telecom companies or Infomonk itself. The real life project experience gained is invaluable to future employment. In the past many companies have benefited considerably from technology developed as part of a final year project. Although the projects normally require a minimum of 300 hours of student time, many students spend up to 600 hours. Students work in teams range in size from one to three.